Saturday, April 7, 2018

Outrace Spring Warm Up - Saturday April 7, 2018

20.3Ks logged at the "Spring Warm Up" this morning.   Its a 13K loop about half and half road and trail.     The first 2Ks are up ,  up ,  up  a somewhat gentle but very long road stretch.  managed to Run it all the way up albeit slowly!     It was another few Ks of road hitting the trail at the 5K mark.   Love the trail ,  snow yes ,  a bit slippery yes but super beautiful.    Got the end of the trail just passed the 10K mark this is where the last 3Ks turn into road so I decided to turn around and run the trail again right back to the start.   It was a great way to see who was on the course!    Blasted down the last 2Ks of road posting a 4:39 K.  Back at the start/finish I thought about logging a few more Ks but was satisfied with my very effective run .....quality vs quantity! 

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