Monday, August 13, 2018

Endurrun Stage 2 - 15 km time trial

 Had a better day today ,   cant possible screw up a 15 ker LOL!      Logged 1h18m13s 28 seconds better then last year.   It was another hot one ...headed out a wee bit too fast but pulled back the rains around the 4K mark trying to settle into a 5:20 ish pace.    I more or less held the pace through the remaining 11K picking it up at the end making my last K the same as my first K.    HR was pretty high again ,  pretty sure I found my new MAX HR @ 164 BPM. 

Garmin Data ...

Cadence was very good ,  you can see where I pulled back on the reigns trying to keep the HR in the 150's.

Garmin Splits ...

Fitbit HR data...

So I finished 45th out of 68 Runners  and 30th out of the 41 Men.  I was pleased with todays effort and results.  Get to slow it down tomorrow doing Stage 3's 30K Trail Run.

Stage 2 Picture

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