Sunday, March 22, 2020

What a week!

Was suppose to be skiing at Whistler/Blackcomd this week but that all changed with the Covid-19 pandemic.   I did my last long run a week ago and wasn't planning on going long for 2 weeks.  I am also working from home something that I though would never happen but as it turns out I can do 95% of what I normally do  from my basement.   I didn't expect to log many Ks this week so the runs I have got in were a bonus. 

 Was at Allan Park Monday and Tuesday but the Gym is closed so no runs.   On Thursday  after work I did a 5 km out and back on the 2nd.  I really suffered afterwards due to an infection that started in my mouth...thats another story!    Woke up 5ish on Friday ,  google said it was 14C.  Looked at the weather and the temperature would be below freezing by 4pm so I did the unusual and headed out the door before work at 07:15.  May was it warm ,  the rain stopped for the first K and I was in shorts ,  tech T and rain shell.   Then the driving rain came and the temps were dropping by the minute.  Wrapped up the run super glad I did it optimistic that more warm days were coming fast.  On Saturday I worked on my Kitchen all afternoon ...just doing the prep work first, it will be 80% of the effort.   The drywall finishing in the house built 30 years ago was so-so.  I am taking this opportunity to correct many of those flaws as well as the 25+ years of damage from children and pets.    Logged a 5.6 km trail run late Saturday afternoon hitting the local snowmobile trail. 

The home office ...

The reno project ...

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