Sunday, January 27, 2008

4 hours of Alpine Skiing, 10K Run ... a good day!

This morning I was skiing , got home mid afternoon and decided to get out on the road for a 10K Run. I must admit hat the run was a little bit laboured. Temp was -3C and it was overcast with no wind. I was wearing long johns, running pants, sweat shirt , nylon jacket and thin wool gloves ..... I was to hot at the 3K mark ! Still trying to figure out the clothes ! The run was a little tough .... three reasons.

1) Just finished 4 hours of downhill skiing

2)Crap food today, 3 ego waffles with syrup/coffee/OJ for breakfast. One grilled cheese sandwich with a large chocolate milk then a snack just before heading out , two large pieces of cake with thick icing and ice cream on the side.

3)Not getting out enough! Work and Family=no time to run. I think about it every day, its real frustrating not being able to get out.

Ran new route , straight North on the second and back! Now I know where the hills are .... I though it was somewhat flat, WRONG 183m up, 184 m down.

Click on the Gamin data to see it large .....

Tomorrow is a day of well deserved rest , except for work !

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