Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Running through a cramp!

I didn't get enough sleep so I was feeling a little tired, almost didn't run but opted for a shorter easy treadmill jaunt!

Did 7K between 10 and 11 Kmh . I had a breakfast of cereal , toast , OJ and coffee an hour before. I cramped up after a few minutes. To recover I slowed the treadmill to 5.5 kmh and walked for a couple of minutes. The cramp came back so once again I slowed to a walk then ramped back up . I was able to manage with a dull pain to about the 5K marks and then it went away.

Heart rate was checked at 5K / 11kmh and it was at 135 ! Respiration was easy... could have had a conversation without effort.

Things are starting to freeze up outside , maybe by the weekend I can hit the road . In the mean time I will have to hit the treadmill a couple of more times.


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