Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not quite the day I expected

 Had to pass up on the Nog Jog today.  Had a a family event to attend ,  it was suppose to be later in the day but got bumped up so the correct thing to do was to forego the race.   However I did manage to sneak in a bit of time on the trail late this afternoon logging 11.4 K in the Snow.    Lights on and Music cranked I was running in a bubble of sound and light.  I had one of those moments like when your sitting in a movie theater and a bigger then life scene comes on and its like the perfect moment ...well the same thing happened today expect I wasn't watching I was in that moment,  very cool indeed.  It started to Snow heavily and it was getting tough to see with the diffused light so I went down to a focused beam just in front of the next footfall.  Managed to roll the left ankle but did a save just before I damaged something    Left Ankle felt pretty good today it looks like just another one of those aches that you just run through.  

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