Monday, May 13, 2013

Tread 6 Hour Trail Race- Mansfield, Ontario - May 12,2013

Did the inaugural Tread 6 Hour Trail Race at Mansfield yesterday.   Meet Grant at 07:30 at Tims in Durham for a big breakfast …  a good start to any long run.  We arrived at the race  an hour before the 10:00 am start and picked up a rather disappointing race kit containing nothing but a Bib and Chip.  There were a couple of familiar OUS faces but most were new.   The weather was less than perfect  being cold around 3-4C with a really strong wind and we were expecting snow.     The first couple of loops were OK .  I wasn't settling into a thermal happy place and was either too hot or too cold.   The course is really rolling ,  its variability as well as the forever changing weather made it tough to get comfortable.   I was wearing one layer ,  Mizuno Breathe Thermal ,  Tights , Compression Cap and Gloves.   Third loop I was having allot of lower back pain and the top right quad was really aching.    I was longing for it to be a bit warmer but the wind , ice pellets ,  snow  was really persistent.  I wasn't moving very fast and told Grant to go ahead.  The fourth loop was my slowest of the day but I managed to hang in there and started to move a little faster.    Heading out on the 4th loop 2 hours remained and I wasn't noticing my back or right quad pain any longer.  The endorphin's were really starting to kick in and I had a really  good “Runners High” going on.   I was no longer noticing the cold , snow, ice pellets or wind that wanted to blow right through me.   My last loop was the fastest of the entire day and I felt really good.  Didn't do any nutrition or electrolytes only took a bit of water from my UltraSpire Pack.    So I finished feeling really really hungry.   They had nothing other than Water and Heed on the course…. Luckily I had some Gels with me!    Logged 6 loops for a total of 39km in just under 6 hours.   Not having anything on the course made me rather famished so I assumed that there would be some sort of something afterwards but I was wrong…not even so much as a water bottle!  

 Love the course  but the organizers  get failing grades for swag,  aide station and no food after.   It was a $60.00 registration  and should have been more like $30.00 to pay for the nothing that I got!    On a positive note it was good practice burning body mass vs Glycogen… only took in 4 Gels in 6 hours.   I figure there was at least a 1000 calorie deficit.  

Video to follow!

Ronald Irwin

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