Monday, July 20, 2015

LS and NF thoughts....

Haven't really had a whole lot of time to fill in the blanks in the blog lately been too busy running and just plain old enjoying Summer.   Any time I lace up to run long its an adventure.  You never know what little thing will stand out but there is always that moment or two in any event that are worth remembering.

Laura Secord ...

A couple of weeks ago was really a fun event.   The presence of the military made it very special.  There was an unspoken mutual admiration and respect for what the Ultra Community and the Military were doing ... a rather unique bond I would say.    I came across a Military guy finishing up his distance... not sure what he was doing or how long he had been out there but teh Sun was high in the sky and the heat was coming on!  He couldn't believe that I was heading out for a second loop ...totally dumbfounded actually.   In fairness to him I was wearing my typical warm weather running gear and he was head to toe covered in military attire!  Another moment I remember was teh second time through the Brock Monument.   42K in with 8K to go the wheels more or less fell off and I a, sure it showed.   There was a Bride and Groom with a photographer and as I ran by I muttered congratulations nit really thinking it was audible and I heard the Bride say "Thank you".   I don't know why but that hit me a being a really cool moment.   Next up was plopping myself down on a Park Bench  to realign my Metatarsal support in my shoe.   There was a tourist from Asia sitting  taking pictures ... I just had to sit down in-spite of having to share a bench with him.  Funny but he didn't hang around very long and I can't figure out why!  

 North Face Blue

 Arriving just a little after 6am the Sun was rising over Georgian Bay and I stopped to get some pictures at the top of the Mountain.   I hear some excitement from the 10K Aid Station and the lead 50 milers were coming through ... tough 10 in about 70 minutes for these guys.  As they Run by I realize that it was the dudes from the Magazine!   That was kind of cool!

 So I am standing at the start waiting for the gun and who wonders over but Dean Karnazes  ( ... " So it looks like your working on your tan today "  now how do you respond to that LOL!   Then he commented on my Nathan Gear saying that he had the same vest.   Anyhow it was cool and left me with a smile that the  guy was so friendly.  

 It wasn't very long into the race that I realize that this was a different crowd ... there were folks from all over the place and the average age was allot longer then I was use to seeing at an Ultra.   There were allot of first timers on the course too.   I started slow but figured I would end up passing a pile of folks and thats more or less what I did between 10 and 30  K's.    Leaped frog back and forth with a fellow I am guessing mid to late 60s who was the most grumpy unpleasant person .  Caught up with Grumpy at the end ... he was sitting eating his meal alone and still didn't want anything to do with anyone.  Hey I tried!!!

 So I am leaving Blue and was parked at the "Event Lot" a K away from the race at the foot of the South Chair.  As I was getting to my car a Woman and her Son, about 17 years,  stops me asking for directions to the Race HQ to register her Son for the 1/2 Sunday.   She asked about my race and I told her that I just Ran 50K .... she said looking up at the Ski Hills  " thats must be the hardest race you have ever done " and without hesitation I said "No".   I think I floored her ...   felt very smug walking away.  Although it was hot  and there was some elevation and I was out longer then I thought this doesn't even make the top 10 list ...really wasn't that bad and I really enjoyed the day and hopefully next year I can work it into the race calendar to do the 50 Miler Race!

 Its always an adventure lacing up you just never know where its going to lead you.  Thats one of the main reasons I keep coming back for more!

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Robin said...

Congrats on a great set of races Ron! Not even on your top 10! Yikes. I'd say that's the hardest one I ever did based on pure elevation and exposure. Being on the hot roads was tough. I thought the course was beautiful though and loved the section between AS1 and SoCo. Will be back as well. Nice work out there and way to try and talk to grumpy!