Sunday, July 19, 2015

North Face 50K Blue Mountain - July 18 2015

 It was one of the warmest Races I have done in a long time.    Figured I would be around 8 hours and I ended up over that at 8h36min.  Was moving well through 30K then the Hills at Blue and the rising temps made things allot more difficult.   More or less just managed the heat through the last 20Ks ...sometimes better then others.   Felt like I was getting somethings back towards the end was moving better but it probably had more to do with being closer to the end.

The course was a little long.   My watch dies with 1.6 K to go reading 50.6 K ... the course was just beyond the 52K mark.  Normally not a big deal but on a hot day ... YIKES.

On a positive note I took the Pan Am Mascot Pachi  for a ride...his first Ultra.

Before the race...

After with his medal...

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