Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Creemore Vertical Challenge - August 6, 2016

 Did my 8th consecutive Creemore 50Ker on Saturday and had a great run.   The score is now Creemore 6, Ron 2.   A successful Creemore is not measured by time ,  not measured by who you beat its measured by not having any hallucination and not even coming close to passing out.   Now I do credit the weather this year.  Its been a rather hot summer so I have deinelty acclimatized so a partly sunny day,  not too humid with nice breezes and temps in the mid 20's is almost spring or fallish.  I also credit the good day with carrying a hand held and making a really conscious effort ( no pun intended ) to remain well hydrated.   The handheld worked rather well at DG and I am pleased to say it worked extremely well at CVC.   Did do much nutrition ,  3 gels and a packet of I think honey stingers.   I was into sweets namely the soft sour keys and the jelly beans.  On the last lap the desire changed to salty lays chips.   The course had a couple of new sections to add elevation although I wasn't wearing my Garmin I did hear that the course was a little long.  I liked the new sections especially the one that broke up the long decent leading to the forever O2.    I have really had some great runs since I blew up a Sulphur ...never really hating it and just enjoying the moment.   Everything seems shorter and nothing seems all that bad even the heat.    Wrapped up the day tripping the clock at 6hrs54min22sec good for 22nd out of 46 starters,  16th out of 34 Men and 7th out of 18 in the over 50 crowd.

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Pierre Marcoux said...

Hey WGR, nice RR!

I had to laugh at your definition of success at Creemore... Forget time, pace and position, It's all about surviving!

I'm glad to see the score has evened out a bit - 4 more good CVC's and it's all tied up.