Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Running

 Been busy not blogging.

 Did a second run Friday evening looking a classic 5.7 Ker on the backyard trail.  Was super looking forward to a little hammock time with tunes however it wasn't meant to be.  First off the tunes have packed it in or at least it looks that way.  Was going to make the 0.8 k round trip to the house for the Bluetooth speaker but decided  to just hit the hammock for a couple of cold ones.     So I go to make myself comfortable and the ropes tying the hammock to the tree let loose.  Needless to say it wasn't meant to be so I headed home.

Saturday Grant came over and we did my classic town run.   South on the 2dn ,  9K to the conservation area a loop through there then Durham them back again logging around 31km at around an avg 7:20 pace.  

Sunday ,  last day of the month was a rest day.

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