Monday, September 19, 2016

Dam Hill 24 Hour Ultra - September 17, 2016

Did the Dam Hill 24 hour in London this past weekend.    Things were going fairly well and I got through the 50 mile marks in 10:16:53 with a 40 minute break after 50K.   Splits are ...

30K            3:14:46

Marathon    4:32:45

50K             6:12:54

50 Miles    10:16:56

 After 50 miles I took a long dinner break.  After running in the rain most of the day my feet were quite pruney.  Right foot has some nasty blisters ,  left foot none.  I attributed it the fact that the right foot was hitting the uneven curb all the time causing movement.     I was also getting some nasty chaffing on the inner legs in spite of body glide ...8+ hours of steady rain took its tool.   Tummy was great and I was well hydrated and more or less had enough calories ( you can never get enough ) but I was getting some pretty nasty indigestion.     Stretch goal was 160 km but after a 90 minute break heading out around 8pm I decided to just aim for mid 120s surpassing last years Dam Hill effort.    My right foot was very painful but it was typical popped blister pain that would subside.    Did a lap with a mix of run /walk and quickly heated up and was sweating.  Tech T with my Nathan Vest was too much.   After 2 laps I sat down ,  looked up at the stars ,  took a gel and some water then decided I really didn't want to go any further.  Headed to the timer , handed in my chip collected my medal and headed home making it to bed before 1am.  


Robin said...

Great work all the same Ron, nice 50 Mile result!! Not very nice conditions out there.

Anne said...

Really, how do we escape chafing?

Vanessa Celone said...

Anne: have a look at and I promise you'll find smth. for you to prevent chafing :)