Monday, September 12, 2016

Halliburton Pacing Assignment

50Ks logged pacing Grant the last quarter of his 3rd 100 miler.    This was also the final race in the
" Outrace " 2016 Slam qualifying him as an official finisher.

 Headed up to Hali leaving home at 6pm.   Arrived a little after 9pm and tracked down Helen the RD to sign a waiver and arrange transportation out to AS 7 the 40K turnaround.   The plan was to join up with Grant around 1am  and run back to the start pacing him through his last 40Ks.   Couldn't arrange a ride to AS 7 but I did find someone going out to AS 6 at 12:45 ...good enough.    Arrived at AS 6 a little after 1am missing grant by about 25min on his way out to AS 7.   Thought about waiting for him thinking it was a 5K out and back but as it turns out its a 10K out then back.  Decided that I should be able to boot it and catch up with him enroute to AS 7.     It was fun bumping into and encouraging everyone ....   Stephan ,  Lizzy ,  Steve ,  Steve , Kinga  and many more!   Finally caught up with him 7Ks.   around 2:30 am.   Grant made it to the 40K turnaround AS at around 3am 2 hours behind his planned time but with plenty of time to cover the 40K before the noon cutoff time.  Things were pretty routine for Grant ,  he was eating ,   drinking normally with no huge issue there only problem was some really nasty chaffing.  It was day time before we made it to " Bens Trail " ... things really slowed down here to around a 15min K and there was still 20Ks or so to go.  Doing all the math 15min Ks were about as slow as we could go and still make the 30 hour cutoff.   The last 4 hours of the run was all about keeping a very fatigued Grant going at at least a 15 min pace and that was more or less what we did bring it home with 25 minutes or so to spare wrapping up the 100 miler around 11:35 am.     Grant was spent and I was pumped so we had a Beer celebrating his achievement and the I drove home while I was still feeling somewhat awake!

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