Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Slippin' Flippin' Fifty - Owen Sound - November 26, 2016

Ran Doug Barbers  Slippin' Flippin' Fifty on Saturday ,  my last last 50Ker of 2016. 

 Entry was free and it was only a 30 minute drive from home so it was a 100% must do and I am super glad I made did.   There were varying distances and  no formal timing more of a fun run pf sorts to me they are all fun runs.    We started at 8:23 am heading North on an old rail trail that ever so slowly climbed up the escarpment then at the 6.25 km mark we turned around and ran back.   The weather wasn't great but not horrible either.   The first couple of loops were solid and the Sun broke out a couple of times.    I was through the 25 km mark in just a little under 2:30 and was thinking a sub 5 hour but I hadn't been keeping up with the running essentials, hydration, calories and electrolytes.  Only gelled twice heading out on the 3rd and 4th loop.   Had some G at the turnaround and some water at the start finish.   Did 2 S Caps heading out on my final loop.    Started slowing down in the third loop for some weird reason the hips were aching but I knew it would pass.  I was wearing tights ,  long sleeve tech T and a short sleeve tech T over it and of course gloves.   Changes out wet gloves heading out on the 3rd loop ...heaven!   The last loop I took a few short walking breaks here and there but was generally felling pretty solid.   If I had of done more in the way of calories and brought in more fluid I may have been able to hold the 6:00 pace and not walked!    The course was really well measured crossed the start finish for the final time in 5hrs19min29 second as the Garmin ticked 50.00 km...good job Doug!   

 A big thanks goes out to Doug Barber who put on the event.  I really liked the course and have put the route on my training map.  It would be a good run to do prior to the Niagara race.  

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