Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016 Totals

 4 in 6,  thats 4 Ultras in the past 6 weeks,  The Bad Thing - Oct 22,  Horror Hill - Oct 29, Batawa Fatass Nov - 13 and Slippin Flippin 50 Nov - 26.    Lots of short runs and rest days between the Ultras seemed to be a pretty good season ending formula.   Distance was a little lite this month but I don't feel that it has hindered me in the least as a matter of fact the added rest days and easy does it between the long runs was a little mind bending but I got over it when I ran long!  

November 2016 -    201.4 km
YTD                  -  3,154.2 km


Treadmill,  16 runs 87.0 km logged
Trail,           5  runs 64.4 km logged
Gravel Path 1  run  50.0 km logged
Road            0  
Rest Days                 8  

Up next in two weeks will be my shortest race of the year the 10.8 km Egg Nogg Jog and then 6 weeks from now its the R4K 6 Hour.    Going to get at least 2 3-5 hour LSDs in between now and R4K.

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