Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Totals

January 2017 -  211.6 km

 There was one  race R4K  January 17th logging 51.6 km on the track at York.  Only did 2 runs over 10K the whole month which is a little weird.   There was also a record number of rest days 12 in total.    I am doing allot of home renovations and there was a 4 day Ski trip.   The LSD done on the 30th was pretty solid so it looks like I am more or less maintaining my fitness level so I can honestly say I am still 50K ready.   I am not expecting February to be much different 2-3 LSDs maybe a little higher monthly total and a few less " rest days " .

January break down ...

19 Runs in total.

Track X 2 logging 83.6 km
Snow Shoe Trail X logging 4K
Treadmill X 16 logging 124 km

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