Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Y Monday

 2nd long run of January 2017 was done yesterday logging 32km on the track at the Owen Sound Y.  I was super tired and really quite apprehensive going today.  The last time I went long was 3 weeks ago logging 52km on the track at York.   I haven't been running as much this month as I anticipated but then again I really dont have too and to be quite honest I am glad I have the go long monkey off my back.   The Y was a wee bit on the warm side today.   Struggled through the first 10K feeling rather taxed with high heart rate and super sweaty.    10-20K was all about just getting to 20K ... not really fun but then something happened and the last 10K I picked it up a bit and was totally enjoying the run even had some really good moments of the " runners high " .   Finished up solid logging the 30K in a little under 3 hours then I proceeded to do a 2K walk as a coold down.  

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