Monday, January 1, 2018

December 2017 + Year End

December 2017 -      238 km
YTD                  - 2,939.6 km

21 Runs ,  3 long ones  and no races in December...

Track 3 X 107 km
Treadmill 12 X 100 km
Trail 1 X 5.2 km
Trail Snow Shoe 5 X 25.8 km
Rest 9 X 

 I was planning on one more track run 30K ish the last week of December but it didnt happen but I am super happy to have logged the Snowshoe runs in place of it.... probably did me more good!

Looking back at 2017 .....

Mixed it up a little in 2017 super enjoyed Endur and the Tobermory events doing both in 2018!   Bad Thing was super tough again ... need to work on that one again this is my new Creemore!!!!!   2018 will be more or less the same as 2017 chasing at least a half dozen Outrace 50kers and a few others.  My do one 50 miler the North Face Blue and possibly the 24 hour Dam Hill one again.   The 2018  calendar is coming together nicely with my first Ultra next weekend the " Stride Inside"....bring it on! 

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