Monday, March 26, 2018

ATB - Sunday March 26

 Did my 4th " Around the Bay" 30K road  race yesterday.   I wasn't racing it just out to run with a couple of friends and have some fun along the way.    Ran with Patrick and Chris ,  this was Chris's longets ever run and he had an ambitious 3 hour goal.  Patrick like myself was just in it for a nice LSD.    I joined some of my ultra peeps doing the " Easterbrook Challange.  which was a loaded foot long and a pop followed by 3 truffles a K or two later.   Hung in there with Chris and Patrick through the 14K mark.   It was super windy and a bit on the cold side not being much above freezing.   Patrick took a washroom break  at 14K so I licked it into high gear logging some sub 5:30 Ks banking a bit of time for the hot dog stop.       I thought the food was at the 23 K make so at around 22K I geared it back to a 6:30 pace so I would be better prepared to stop.  As it turns out the Hot Dog stand was at the 25K mark.   It seemed to tale for ever to eat the dog and I dropped from the 2:55 bunny to the 3:15 bunny!    I knew I would have to boot it to catch my buddies but it took me a K to get back up to pace after eating then at around the 28K mark I downed 3 truffles!!!!    They were a bit hard to get down but I managed to pick up the pace again an caught up with Chris and brought him into Cops! 

Shot a to of video and will put it together soon and post it too the blog! 

Splits ...

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