Sunday, March 18, 2018

Extended Heart Run

Originally planned on a 12Ker @ 5:00 pace but I got bored so I decided to  tack on a " Heart Run" at the end.  Was up to a 5:00 pace in the first K held it through 7 then then increased 0.2 kmh ,  did that again at the 8 and 9K mark held the 4:45 pace until the 10K  mark doing a 0.2K 4:30 fartlek then back to the 4:45 pace until the 11K mark where I started the cool down walking the last 300 meters.

Super enjoy the speed ,  its taxing but a whole let less mind numbing then the slower pace on the treadmill.   Wesights tomorrow then a couple of 7K Heart Runs Tues/Wed then something short and easy outside Thurs/Fri before Sundays ATB.     I am not racing ATB jsut running it with some friends ,  one doing his longest distance ever.   It should be a great start to the 2018 season! 

Planned events to date ....

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