Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blog catch up ... Saturday, Monday and Tuesday

Spent last week at Mont Tremblant,  2 travel days and 3 full days on the mountain...runnign took a back seat! 

Saturday January 18
Did a little 4 km snowshoe with Kim and Tif.  Origianlly planned on a summit run but it was -27C and I was not into the cold.    The condos we were staying at were adjacent a golf course with a snowshoe trail so we hit that logging just shy of 4 km in just under 90 miutes ... good fun! 

Monday January 20
After not running for SEVEN days  I hit the good old treadmill at work logging a whopping back at 5 km run  @  6:00 pace then did and upper body weight routine. 

Tuesday January 21
Took it outside doing an out and back 10 km on the second.

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