Sunday, September 19, 2010


Friday , logged 4.5K with night 1 of the fall run clinic. Great turn out again for the 8 week session. This time they are going to do a continuous run up to 10K . Also new is an hour of Yoga following the run. Had to pass this week , next week after due to races but I plan on stretching it out a bit when the time is right.

Sunday , 10.1K Run at a 5:12 pace.... put on the trail shoes headed north on the 2nd for 5K then turned around and came back. Mostly gentle ups and downs with a couple of small steeper sections. Managed the Knee fairly well , there was reminders but nothing that slowed me down .

STWM is 7 days away , not going to do too much this week , a few 5k or so runs at close to a 5:00 pace just to remind my body what its suppose to do next weekend.

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