Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready

Its all about next weekend now! Took advantage of the warm 24C , Sunny and Humid conditions today and did a 3hrs55min trail run. Ate boiled potatoes with salt and did 2X710ml bottles of Gu Brew. It wasn't enough fluids and I dehydrated a bit ..not allot but if its warm next weekend I have to drink more! Highlights of the day is were getting within a couple of feel of a baby deer and the smells of the forest. The forest had a sweet almost candy like smell was making me hungry. When I was done I stood in 10C water for and hour putting the pool back together again! Tomorrow is going to be a repeat of today and hopefully a bit longer. Have to work on getting today's avg pace 8:48 closer to 9:00, that's where I want to bee for the first 100K at Sulphur.

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