Friday, May 6, 2011

Trail Thursday

Good 11.2K trail run Thurs Eve. Concentrated on the shuffle , efficient movements with mid foot landings all efforts designed to move forward as easy as possible. Ran all hills , up down and flat at the same 6:49 avg pace. HR and Breathing were easy and of course climbed on the ups and decreased on the downs. One thing that's really cool about running this was is that you don't notice little ups and downs. This sort of trail is exactly what I have to so to complete 100 miles at the end of May. The groin was a bit sore at the beginning but subsided as I went along. Doesn't feel too bad a few hours after running. I think I strained theses muscles a week or so back when I caught a stick with my right toe and the left hell blocked it from swinging around resulting in a save as I caught myself falling forward. I was really cautious of these sorts of obstacles when I was on the trail yesterday!

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