Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Trail

 Didn't run Saturday or Sunday ...just too too busy with all the other things in life.   Yesterday I drove Robin back to Saratoga for another week or two at camp.  Didn't get much sleep the night before the drive...too too hot.  So with Dirty Girls just days away I decided to forgo the Shore to Shore Race in favor of sleeping in and preparing for DG.   Between now and  Friday I am working 3 Night Shifts ... I was suppose to be off on Vacation this week but we are a bit short so the Boss asked me to work some of my mids.    I did manage to fit a trail run in this eve and it was really nice with comfortable temperatures and the Sun low in the  Sky.    Logged a total of 11.8K at a relaxing 7:56 pace.  Was concentrating on s good trail shuffle!

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