Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking it outside

After 3 weeks of running on the treadmill I finally took it outside today logging 18.6K.  Through 15.5K I was averaging a 6:22 pace but I hit the snowmobile trail for the last few Ks and slowed to a 7:30 trail was tough but worth it.    The weather was pretty decent ,  more moderate temperatures a -5C but there was a strong  southerly breeze at times that made it feel allot cooler then it was.    Dress in Mizuno tights ,  two Mizuno compression tops,  compression hat,  dollar store mitts,  Saucony Exodus Gortex Shoes and my oh so beloved Injinjji Toe Socks.   I was OK to slightly chilled into the wind ... properly dressed for the conditions and the pace.

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