Saturday, March 15, 2014

Facing the Elements

Took ti outside with Grant toady logging 30K in  around 4 hours.  This was a full dress rehearsal for the LS100.    Started out around -5C with 30kmh NW wind.    By the time we were done it was pushing -10C and the winds were as steady as ever.    Most of the run wasn't too bad but heading West towards Edge Hill it was out and out right nasty for a bit.   Only Gelled twice ,  went through 3 bottles of water and no S Caps.  Would have benefited from a few more calories in the last 10K but I cheeped out knowing the end was near.  I was always adjusting my jacket zipper and taking my hat on and off depending on the effort.  Goal was not to sweat too much and to stay comfortable.  15K in my hands got uncomfortably cold and was making things miserable.  Had two additional pair of gloves with me a double up what I was wearing and became rather toasty...crisis averted.  Its only 3 weeks until the LS100 more longish run planned in a week and a bit then its time to rest up.

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