Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last long run before the LS100 + Why Gor-Tex Shoes are not always the best choice!

 Headed out at noon today with Grant.   Looking for around a 4 hour run with some challenges so we could "make it easy" and thats more or less what we did.   -3C ,.  Snow , Wind and Sun we had it all!   Lost one layer today tying my Shell off around my waste before we started.   Wore my non Gor-Tex Super Novas with toe socks then the "Gator" sock...this was an experiment.  I love the Gator socks but I am worried about going 20 wet and cold hours in them,  worried for blisters.   The Toe Socks rock when  it comes to protecting the digits.  Feet got wet fast due to snow melting on the outside of the shoe.   Feet were a we bit chilled but not really that bad.   It was nice to keep 100% of the snow and what ever else I was kicking up out of my shoe. I am expecting a wet muddy LS100 so I want to keep all snow and rocks and what ever else out.  The shoes drain well so what seeps in should exit...   Gators socks  and Toes socks are in for the LS100.    Today we headed North on the 2nd looping ac cross the Holland / Glenelg towline the back down the Baseline  Instead of heading to Grey Rd 12 we cut across a side road where I gelled and then picked up the 2nd again towards my place.   Did a brief stop picking up another bottle of water and cookies.    Then headed South on the 2nd to the Mc Cormick Rd over to hwy 6 then back across the Rocky side rd coming out at Edge Hill.  Lots of added new hills today ,  a couple of K done on snow following snowmobile tracks. Finished feeling fresh like I had just started ready to bring on the LS100.  

 Gor-Tex shoes are not a;always the best choice.     Great in the snow ,  great on wet grass or through small puddles.  If you expect to submerge then then its not a good choice because they do not drain.    Did a little demo to satisfy my self and also to sell me on which shoe I will be wearing at the LS100.   Check it out ....

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Alex Campbell said...

Hi Ron. LS100 course in Short Hills was a mud fest today. Not sure it's going to dry out much. Someone on Facebook posted whole east part of course was muddy/icy yesterday. Not fun running with an extra 4lbs of mud on the shoes. See you next Saturday and bring the right shoes! Alex