Saturday, May 3, 2014

Longer Lunch and a few race thoughts....

 Snuck in a 10ker this morning on my meal break.  First 5K 5:30 pace  then played a bit ,  5-6K 5:00 pace, 6-7.5K 5:30 pace, 7.5-8.0K 5:00 pace then geared it down 1kmh every 400 meters until I walked the last 400 meters.

 Decided to do the 25K Run at Creemore.    In 2008 I did one loop in 2hrs38min29 seconds.     Way back then I was 47 years old and had never Run an Ultra or a Marathon and this was my 3rd ever trail race.   My B goal is to break that time and my A goal is to get it under 2hrs30min.   I really enjoyed the 14.5K Chase the Coyote Race last Sept.    I averaged a 5:43 pace and it wasn't flat +/- 580 meters  so I think that I am setting a reasonable Creemore Goal.     Another reason for going shorter is the 50 Mile North Face Race at Blue the following weekend!  And another another reason ,  Creemore is fun ,  there is a Keg ,  a River and its very social so less time running and more time to take in all the other stuff!

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