Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the Eve of Sulphur

 Only 3 more sleeps ,  really looking forward to a fun Run.  Still thinking about playing the fade.   I will try to pick it up a little thought the Gatehouse Loop the first time then decide how i want to proceed.   It fun reading the musing of my fellow runners on Facebook.   The Ultra crowd certainly has a tough time with the Tapper.   Ironically enough there is squat hat you can do 3 days out that will make your day any better and the best darn thing to to eat ,  sleep and generally take it easy!  I didn't run yesterday ,  had a Physio appointment for my Whip Lash so there went my " lunch run".  Got into the Gym today logging a little 5ker the usual way.    I feel better now!  

The Blue 50 miler course was announced today ... very awesome course.  I was afraid that we would spend the day going up and down Ski Hills but there are lots of runnable sections and of course some really great climbs.  

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