Saturday, January 10, 2015

Funny Week

 It hasn't been a great running week.   Working mids I usually get some decent runs in but I skipped a couple of lunch runs.   Sunday I was recovering from R4K ,  felt good but tired and dried out.   Friday I felt like I was coming down with a cold.  It didn't bother me much on Sat at R4K but it made for an achy Sunday recovery.   Mon I got out for a little road run. Tues morning I was beat ,  tried to Run but ended up doing a 30 min walk.   Wed morning I had the full blown runny nose so I totally skipped out on the lunch run.  Thurs I felt way better and logged  a decent lunch run at my new 5:21 pace.  Fri I was busy ,  left the run too long a was just way way to tired so I skipped it.   

Feel like I am back on track this morning logging a 10ker at a mostly 5:21 pace.   Planning on two more longer treadmill runs this weekend before wrapping up the mids Monday morning.  

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