Thursday, January 8, 2015

Max HR at 3:00 am ... maybe not such a good idea.

 Its been forever since I determined my Max Heart Rate so on this mornings 3am lunch run I cranked up the treadmill to a fish out of water pace and came up with 164 BPM.    

Today's data ...

Heart Rate 
Throw the first 8 min of data out.  Ran at a 5:21 pace with a HR around 133 bpm.   At around the 23 min mark I cranked er up to a 4:00 pace ant the HR climbed and climbed unitl I hit 164 BPM.

I have a lack luster turnover of 160 spm at my 5:21 pace but when I crank it up to a 4:00 pace I am hitting 175 spm.  

Vertical Oscillation
At a 5:21 pace I was bobbing a whopping 10-11 cm but when I cranked it up to a 4:00 pace it was much less coming in around 9cm

Ground Contact Time
5;21 pace averaged 280 ms but when I ran at a 4:00 pace it dropped to 240 ms.   

According to Garmin I am a much more efficient when I run fast!   

So I logged a rather interesting 7K this morning at a mostly NEW 5:21 pace until I I tried to make my heart explode!   

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