Saturday, January 24, 2015

I needed that!

 Its been pretty easy going since I went away on my Ski trip so I challenged myself with a longer"fast" run on the treadmill yesterday logging 25km.    

The HR tells the story of my Run.   Ramped up to a 5:18 pace over the first 3K then help it there unitl the 20K mark.   20-21K I cranked it up to a 5:00 pace then at 21K I started a cooldown backing it off to a 5:30 pace , then at 22K  it was a 6:00 pace, 23K 6:30 pace then at 24K it was a walk at a 12:00 pace.  HR crept from the low 130s to just breaking 150 from time to time as I approached 20K.   Looking at the graph the spike coincides with the 5:00 pace then there is 3 somewhat distinct drops as I gradually slowed to a walk.   I didn't do any fluids or nutrition and wasn't sweating much but I am sure thickening of the blod accounted for the slowly rising HR.

The  cool down was grueling at the slower pace.   5:30 was OK but 6:00 and then 6:30 was absolutely tougher to "Run" .   Hips , quads , glutes all complained at the 6:30 pace.  Skipped the usual 7:00 segment and went right to a walk!

Other data ... faster I Run the better my "Running Dynamics"

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