Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pyramid Run

27.1K on the Treadmill today.  Call it the Pyramid Run cause I ramped up then ramped down.    First 2K lumbered up to a 6:00 pace then every 0.5K I increased teh pace 0.1 K until I got to a 5:00 pace at around 12K then I went the other way slowing 0.1K every 0.5K until around 22K then headed it back 0.5K every 0.5K unitl I hit a 7:30 pace at 26k then walked the last K at a 12:00 pace.  I was through a 1/2 in 1:58 and averaged a 10.75 kmh pace through the first 2 hours.  For me its a speed workout!

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