Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Last Minute Y

Didn't plan well this week but did manage to get the the Y unexpectedly this evening logging  31K.

Did it in 3 parts.

Part 1

Was moving along well  at around an avg 6:00 pace up until 18K.  Saw someone looking at my car and leaving a note.   Curiosity got the better on me so I ran out at the 20K mark and it said " we found your keys check in at the front desk" .  Checked but they weren't mine...nice of them to go to the effort to find the owner!

HR climbed from the low 130`s to high 140s other wise uneventful and solid.

Part 2

The break over the keys made me feel refreshed.  I ate and drank and set myself up before I hit the track again.

 Pace was a solid  6:10  a little slower then then the 6:02 the in the first 20K.   I was starting to fell a bit fatigued but able to maintain pace between 25k and 30K.   I pushed to 29K then checked the HR and it was into the low 150s.   I seem to be able to plod along in the 140s but going long 150s is too high to sustain for more then an hour or 2.

Part 3

I was going to go longer and was feeling good but I decided there were other things that I wanted to do so I did a cool down walking 1K.

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