Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back at it

 Took 2 rest days after Creemore.  Really felt guilty being off yesterday and not logging a few Ks but I was felling a little under the weather so I decided to skip it.  Its been awhile since I ran on fresh legs and it was a ton of fun.   Did the first 10K lapping the loop 12 times.   Decided to log another 5 or so running/hiking/exploring the property and venturing on to my neighbors trails.   Found 3 big Ash Trees down as a result of  the storm a week ago.  Will try to take some pictures when the  Sun is out.   One was up rooted,  one had a rotten base and the last one was twisted and more or less shattered at the base.    I have had wind fall before in my 23 years living here but never quite like that.   So all together I logged 15.1 km then retired to the hammock for a few beers and some great tunes.   Headed home just before the sky opened up.  

The last 5K is mapped out below and the yellow circle is where the tress were down....

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