Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LSD Wednesday

Its rare that I just get up in the morning and go but with a rather warm day foretasted it seemed like a good time to head out early.   Logged a very warm 30.4km ... had to give in a bit to the heat on the last third of the run otherwise I was quite satisfied with how the run went.

The graph below tells the story of the run.  After running through Durham I was really hot and sweating and I realized that I wasn`t drinking enough so I decided to walk to consume,  cool and recover the heart rate before heading back on the 2nd.   I drank .75 liters of water did my only gel of the run the did my second and final S Cap.   The walking gave me a chance to process things and I was able to move well again when I hit the 2nd.    The Sun and Breeze was at my back and I was fully exposed during the last 8K stretch.    With 3K to go I felt like I was going to throw up so I walked for a bit felt better and was once again able to get moving but man was I HOT!

and by the numbers ...

I was really glad to wrap it up a little after 11am ... and now for the work!

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