Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bayshore 5K - Owen Sound, Ontario - Sunday August 23, 2015

I award myself an A- logging 5K in 22min7sec this morning.  

 The last 5K I did was in July of 2011 logging a speedy 20min46sec.   I remember trying so hard to get it under the elusive 20min mark.   The only other 5Ker I have done was Aug 8, 2009 the Coleen Lantz memorial logging 22min4sec.

 So why the A-

 The race was a last minute decision signing up a little over a week ago.   Based on my Huron Shores 10K in June 45min43sec and A was anything under 22min,  B under 22min30sec and C under 23min...reasonable achievable goals.  Other then a mostly 5:00 pace on the treadmill with 4:45 farleks thrown in I really haven`t been doing any speed work.   In the last few days leading up to Sunday I have really been doing a ton of physical work as well as a 30+ K LSD on Wed,  5K trail Friday and a 11K trail on Saturday.   I almost skipped today run  being a tiny bit dehydrated and slighlty hung over after consuming a half dozen Beers in the hammock after Saturdays trail...thus the A-.

 Got an hour in the hot tub and light breakfast in me before I left for the race at 7am.  I had picked up my bib on Thursday so I was 100% ready to s go when I arrived.  It was a little weird stepping out of the house with less then an hour to go before the gun went off!    Arrived with 25 minutes to spare.  Did a quick bathroom break and chatted with a few running friends on my way to the start line.   Still had 10 minutes to wait so I decided to do a little warm up.    Logged .75K in the warm up ... rather slow but I did sprint a bit at the end.  It helped to get the HR and core Temp up a bit.

 I really surprised myself when heading out.  First K looking like it was going to be sub 4min and it felt not so bad.  Breathing quickly became heavy logging the first split in 4min4sec.    I kind of thought my second K or even last would be my fastest but I was obviously wrong.     A good 5K rae plan is to go out faster then planned pace then settle back for the middle 3K then pick it up again in the last K.    Pulled back on the 2nd K logging a 4min21sec split... could have been slightly faster on this K but the breathing was really heavy and I am sure I was approaching Max HR.   3rd K was all about keeping it under 4min30sec.   There was a 360 degree turn around at the 2.5K mark ... ouch its so hard to slow then pick it up again.   There was another couple of  strange tight curves around the Museum heading back to the bridge.  Managed to hang in there logging a 4min29sec split but I was really starting to struggle.... stupid 5K lung burner *&%%$#7.    The 4thK was all about hanging in there trying to keep it under 4min30sec.   I felt the heat come on and was dripping in sweat ... in a 5K I thought I would be done before it hit me ,   NOPE!   Logged my slowest split 4min39sec for the 4th K.    Heading into the last K we hit a gravel section that seemed to be allot harder the the pavment.   Passed by a 15 year old felling throwing up  and 11 year old stopped to help him and he told her to keep going...cute!  So I pushed through the last K ,   no big giant surge I just hung in there as well as I could posting my final split a 4min33sec K ...well it least it was better the the previous.   Garmin showed and extra 20 meters and the pace was 3min58 sec so I guess I had a bit of a surge at the end.

I tripped the clock at 22min7 sec good enough for 32nd place out of 165 participants,  17th out of 64 males and 2nd out of 12 in my AG.    I found it quite amusing that of the 31 folks who finished in front of me 19 of them were under the age of 20!  

Click on this link for the results!

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Robin said...

Congrats Ron, that's a fast 5K! My strategy is go out as fast as you can and hang on for dear life! Nice work.