Thursday, September 3, 2015

2nd Run Wednesday - It was hot and I liked it!

 5.5 steamy hot Ks logged on the backyard trail last night.     Got home at 4pm ,  grabbed 2 Beers floated in the pool until it was in shade at 5:30 pm then dawned the running gear ,  packed teh backpack full of all the things I need to run on my trail then headed over the big ass hill to my man cave in the forest.   Love , loved loved running in the heat and was flying.  I Avg around 42 min for 6 laps and did it in 39 minutes last night.  Its really cool how the muscles and joints work in the heat.    I did .25 liters of water before the run ,  .25 liters during the run then another .25 liters after the run followed up with 3 Beers in the Hammock.  

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