Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sweet LSD

Did a 2nd run Friday logging a 31.5K Run.  Headed to Durham  on the 2nd around 7:30 pm.  made it to the conservation area ,  8K just as it was getting dark.   The camp ground was busy with long weekend campers pulling in.   Lopped around Durham enjoying the smells ,  sights and sounds of the town on a warm night.  Before I headed back to the park I out my lights on.    It was solid running back on the 2nd ...more or less the same pace as when I headed out.    The night sky was amazing ... paused more then once to take it all in.  When I got home I grabbed some beers and headed back to the man cave.  First stop was my tree stand yo observer the sky.   The moon was just starting to rise flooding out the stars and the horizon was bright with all the humidity.   Listened to tunes and enjoyed the beers while watching the Moon rise creating shadows in the forest.   All and all a sweet run.  

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