Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekend Running

 Looped on Saturday logging 5.6K.  Garmin battery died so I used the average distance.   Sad to see the vacation time end and the season changing.  Here's  to lots of trail running between now and the time the snow settles in.

 Sundays run was random trails and back roads with Grant.  We were going to opt for the Bruce Trail in Owen Sound but I had to delay the start time as my "wood guy" was coming at noon.   Got caught up with Grant ...lots of stories about his first 100 miler at Hali and I know have my second race on the 2016 calendar
running with Grant in September going for another buckle.  I feel tired just thinking about it.  Speaking of tired I feel tired today.  Its probably a combo of the end of vacation and last weekends long run.  Logged 17 km today walking the last K ...I was tired.

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