Saturday, February 13, 2016

Life Happens

 The end of this week went every way other then planned....Life Happens!   I had to say goodbye to a 13 year old friend our family's beloved Golden Retriever.  If you loved a dog and had to go through this then you know whats going on.  Needless to say Fridays Run as part of the "February Challenge" didn't happen.  Lack of sleep and the need to be close to loved ones made for a DNS at the Oracle Race.  Only a few days earlier I was really looking forward to this race but that all changed ...  Life Happens!  

 I thought about running at the Y today.   Grant and Anne were there but instead I decided to brave the -20C ,  gear up and go for a Snowshoe Run and it turned out to me quite magical.  

 I was pretty comfortable ,  maybe slightly warm running at the -20C so I want to make record of it.....

 Tights ,  Wind Proof Underwear,  Ski Pants and Knee High Gators with Cross Country Knee High Ski Socks with Marino Wool then the Adidas Super Nova Gortex Shoes.    Up top was a Mizuano Breath Thermal with a second Thermal Shirt then my Shell.  Topped off with a full Balaclava ,  Ski Helmet with Googles ... the tress get allot lower when it Snows.    My hand ware was an over the top Glove from MEC.    20 minutes into the run I unzipped the coat a bit and was for the most part pretty comfortable.  

 There was around a foot of fresh snow so I was breaking trial for the first few laps.   It sure got allot easier as I went along and I was able to pick up the pace a bit towards the end.    Snowshoe running isn't easy its a totally awesome workout.  I originally set out with 5K in mind but I was feeling good so I decided to go on.  
 In total I was out for 2 hours in -20C weather logging 10.3Ks.  This is the longest Snowshoe Run tom date and probably the longest time I have spent Running outside at -20C!  

Todays metrics ...

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