Sunday, February 28, 2016

Long at the Y - Running on empty

46Ks logged on the track at the Y yesterday.     From time to time certain statements others say stick one of them being a comment by Doug Barber in regards to Gels " I never used those things".   So often we blame our short comings on the lack of calories...truth b e told you can never get enough calories.   I have been experimenting running on calories what so ever.  Yesterdays run at the Y was done at a solid 6:00 pace with no fade what so ever as a matter of fact the fastest 10K segment was between 30 and 40Ks.   Most important however is Hydration and Electrolytes...  took in 2.5L of water and 4 Eload caps over teh 4hrs12mon of running.   Another thing that is really cool is all my micro breaks.   Every K past 5K I would stop long enough to take in a gulp of water.  I noticed an interesting phenomena in the late stages my HR would spike a bit when I stopped then lower a bit when I started running again!    The Run felt very solid GI issues a tiny bit of foot pain but nothing I couldn't manage but it is time to replace the Hooka's .    Going long in races I certainly will Fuel but I am going to place more emphasis on Hydration and Electrolytes.  Every winter has a theme and this year its been about "running on  empty".    


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