Sunday, June 19, 2016

Niagara Ultra 50K - Saturday June 18, 2016

 Did one of my favorite races of the year yesterday the Niagara Ultra.   Nothing quite compares to running past  the Vineyards of NOTL then into the Tourist area of " The Falls " then turning around and running back.  This race is famous for being hot and if its a sunny day there is a ton of exposure just adding to the fun. I was really solid through 30K then the heat started to catch up with me and I slowed from a 6:00 to 6:20 - 6:30 pace.   I managed things reasonably well running to the edge of what it was I could do.  Did 9 Gels and an equal number of S Caps.   I was concerned about the energy and the effect of a 15 lb weight loss would have so I was extra vigilant on the calories!  So I had a really good day considering the 30+ C heat and Sun.   Best part was chatting with new and old friends ....  I like to think of them as my extended family.  Until you immerse yourself in the brother and sister hood of Ultra Running you could not even begin to understand the bond that exists between us all ... a loving and caring family that accepts all,  I am blessed!

These numbers are cool...


Event Date : 18-06-2016Event Location : Niagara on the Lake Ontario
Event Type : RunningEvent Description : 50 Km
Total Entrants : 207Total Finishers : 180
Male Entries : 97Male Finishers : 88
Female Entries : 110Female Finishers : 92
Unknown Entries : 0Unknown Finishers : 0
 Out of 207 hardy souls that braved the heat of Niagara I finished in 37th place.   There were 97 Men entered  ( we got chicked at the start with 110 Woman entered ) and I placed 24th.  In my age group 55-59 there were  11 finishers and I placed 2nd.

Garmin #s ...


kim said...

Congratulations on a wonderful race! I agree, the best part was the post-race visiting in the shade. Enjoy that hammock! :)

Robin said...

Good job out there Ron, it was a hot one!! You did great. I have taken the week off myself to rest up! See you at DG's.