Saturday, February 29, 2020

February Totals

February -  212.2 km
YTD       -  374.7 km

One race the Dion Chase the Goose 7 km Snowshoe and two long runs at the Y otherwise mostly short ones.   Participated in the February " Run every day challenge " and if it was for that I would be at least 7 runs and 30 or 40 km less so I am grateful I was truly challenged.    Did 7 vacation runs in a very warm climate enjoyed thoroughly but it was super tough.   No races next month and fingers crossed I can fit in 3 long ones its going to be a bit of a challenge with another ski vacation upcoming. 

Breakdown,  29 runs total.
Snowshoe 2 X 12.4 km
Track @ Y 2 X 30 km
Mexico 7 X 49.8 km
Road 2 X 10 km
Treadmill 16 X 80 km

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