Saturday, October 20, 2007

1/2 on Thursday

Did my 21K run on Thursday in 2:10 . I haven't done a long run in awhile and I really noticed it in the last 5K.

On Wednesday Evening I did a 1.5 hour intense upper weight routine. Got up Friday morning , had a couple of small cups of coffee and took off. The weather was overcast , threatening rain and about 15C. At first I was comfortable but there was a strong wind when I was in the open areas. I have two chances to shorten the run , at 4K and can turn it into a 10K run , at 8K I can turn it into my 16K run. At the 4 and 8K turn offs I felt good and there was no doubt it was going to be a long one.

I was a little worried that if it started to rain I would get cold. Next time I run in these conditions I think I will add a Garbage Bag to my fanny pack as a just in case move.

I did a Gel pack starting at 11K, its getting harder to enjoy this stuff and I made sure I took it with lots of water .

At 14K I hit a really big hill that really took allot out of me , its about a 40m climb over about 300 meters, some parts steeper then others! Good thing about this hill was that there is about a 1K gradual downhill after for recovery but at the end of the downhill there was another steep on similar to the one that I just climbed !

Last few K were a real shuffle, my chest was cold. Wasn't sure if it was cold or just a tight feeling but it wasn't comfortable. I had the same feeling another time when I ran under similar conditions. I think I should have had more then just a light cotton short on. I really have to learn how to dress and run when its cooler!

After I finished I felt really tired , grabbed a big glass of Milk and jumped in the Hot Tub for 30 minutes. After the hot tub I had some chili and toast and hit the couch . I didn't feel very good , I was getting chills and I felt sleepy tired ... so I slept for an hour. It wasn't until dinner that I shook the chills and tired feeling.

I was going to use this run to see decide if I was ready for a 6 hour attempt ... I AM NOT ! There is a 15K road race that I think I will do and I haven't dismissed the Marathon in early November !

Stay tuned... Ron.

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