Sunday, October 14, 2007

Treadmill at 2am

Did a 10k in 49:30 on the treadmill at 02:00 am this morning! It was OK, got lost in thought while I ran. Its truly the only way to make time on the treadmill a less boring! Did the first 5K in 27 minutes, then I cranked it up and did the next 5 in 22:30! That's definitely going above the heart rate of around 140 but it felt good to go faster.

Today's thoughts turned to pacing again! I have decided that its better to pass then to be passed in a race. I can see the benefit of splitting the race into thirds , each consecutive one cranking it up a notch. Pacing it a tough thing to do when you start in a race but I can see the benefit and it would really help make it so I don't get passed !


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