Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1:26:27 , learning to run in the cold!

Did my 16K loop today in 1:26:27... a new personal best! Weather was cool, 6C , overcast with a bit of wind.

Did the first K in 4:43, as fast as I have gone in awhile. Tried to slow it down a little to about 5:00/K pace for at least the first 5k. I wasn't sure how to dress , I had shorts on with my moisture wicking "metal" top and an old vented Rebok Nylon Coat. After a few K I felt a little warm and opened the front of the coat. By the time I got to the 8K mark I started to cool down and did the coat back up again! All in all I was warm enough except for my hands. I noticed them getting cold around 10K and by the time I made it to the end they were frozen. Next time I run under these conditions I will wear a light pair of gloves.

I really liked running in the cold , better then the heat! The time I did was a new PB for this route . I just broke the cold mark I set a couple of weeks ago by about 20 seconds. Its amazing how far you can go and how close you are to earlier times . By far the #1 thing that slowed me down this summer wad those really hot days!


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