Friday, October 5, 2007

HOT run today

Did my 16K loop today , it was HOT HOT HOT! The heat monster was definitely at work , it was 28C and very humid. I turned in a 1:42:53 , very slow but quiet understandable. On Monday I did the same run in 1:26 .
I walked the last 500m, figured I wouldn't have it in me for a cool down after running ! As soon as I was done I grabbed a tall glass of Milk and hit the Hot Tub for 30 minutes. I have the tub a couple of degrees below body temp at 96F so it was a good cool down. After the hot tub I grabbed a tall cool Beer and jumped in the swimming pool and floated around on an air mattress for another 30 minutes. So all in all a good day , its not often that you get this kind of weather around here this time of year.


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