Tuesday, February 12, 2008

15K in the snow today!

It was -10C, with winds from the East North East and Snow! Wore my PJ bottoms, running pants , uptop it was a metal shirt, Heavt Sweetshirt and a Wind Breaker . Top it off with a hat and gloves and I was off!

Didnt intend on a 15K , was only going to do 10 but it was a really strange run . I just couldnt go fast , the legs felt like stone. I suspect that it was the cold, I have felt this way on other cold days when I have ran. I tried to pick up the pace to a 5 min/k but it was more like 5:30 to 6:00 very slow for me. Heart rate was bearly breaking 150 ! There was lots of snow , a few cm on the road ! At the 5 K mark I felt like going longer so I continued up the road . At about the 6.5 K mark I turned due west , not realizing that there was wind at my back it was great . Very pretty run , cedars covered in snow, ran over a couple of bridges with running water ... real pretty ! At the 7.5 K mark I did a 180 and headed east into the wind . BAM !!!!! I was cold , quiclky had second thoughts about going the extra but I knew in a K I would be heading South out of the wind ! By the time I got out of the wind my eyes were beginning to freeze shut ! Picked up the pace a little on the way home , felt really good going longer. Time was nothing to brag about but the conditions were not great to say the least ! When I was finished I was pumped .... faced the elements and won!

New shoes are different , Adidas Supernova 5 trail . Heel isnt locked in , there is some motion control a much firmer ride then the Saucony Grids ! Tracition is much better in the snow ! I think that this is the shoe I sould be in !

It will be interesting to see how Sundays race goes , results are really going to depend on the weather !


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